Palmistry Reading


15 Mins Reading - This style of reading will answer your general questions and provide some insight into short term trends in your life, and provide direction on things that are causing you concern.  It is recommended for those who are new to Palmistry or are simply curious.  Due to time constraints we often move over various different topics quickly, and get to the root of problems.

30 Mins Reading - This Reading will provide specific guidance on the short and long term trajectory of your life.  We will start by looking at the high and low points in your life so far and try to analyze trends that have lead you to where you are in your life at the moment.  We then identify which areas of your life from your past are holding you back, and give guidance on how to work through those blockages even highlighting themes from your past lives.  This is a more in depth look at your life and is suitable for those serious about understanding the direction of their lives.