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Hello and Welcome to Chariot Palmistry!


My name is Dr Sulabh Jain, I created this page to help others learn the ancient secret of Indian Palmistry. My own journey with palmistry started with my grandfather who was my first palmistry teacher, and I was very lucky to have him as a mentor. Unfortunately, palmistry is difficult skill to learn because there is a lot of misinformation out there about it. Many people assume that palmistry is a fortune telling tool. And it doesn't help that there are some charlatans out there trying to create this image. As a result not many people understand it, some people are skeptical of palmistry, others are superstitious because of it.


That's why I decided to launch Chariot Palmistry in 2015, to take the superstition and skepticism out of this ancient science. Here are Chariot Palmistry our primary focus is on using the palms and hands to further your spiritual progress, which is what palmistry was design for. Where possible we will make this ancient and obscure art practical and easy to understand taking out the nonsense and charlatanism that has gathered around palmistry.


In my 30+ years association with palmistry I have read the hands of people from all walks of life from leading Politicians, Movie/TV stars, Olympians even many monks and nuns all around the world. My Phd thesis combined modern psychology with palmistry, and I was able to successfully map childhood trauma on the hands, and statistically measure probable future events on that basis.


If you would like to learn about the emerging trend in science that is mapping the mind/body connection and do so in a way that is authentic to the traditional Indian spiritual systems, then have a look around our website, be sure to check out our Youtube channel, and sign up to our mailing list.



Dr Sulabh Jain