• Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the reading a few days ago and want to thank you very much.

    Alfred C. Fitts
  • Thank you so much. You confirmed many things that I felt and knew about myself.  Beautiful reading and thank you again so much for the time and information.

    Karyn Moran
  • I have to admit although I believed in palm reading, there was still a bit of scepticism before I came to see you. However that was all banished far far away after the first few minutes of my reading! You got so much precise and correct Thank you so much for my reading!

    Dann R. Ruth
  • Totally impressed!!!! I have been to many, many readers over the years both in Australia and across the world and no one comes close to Sulabh they aren’t even in the same ball park. His detailed accuracy is amazing, particularly in terms of time frames – bang on! I found him honest, straight forward and clear just what you want from a reading . He answers all your question directly with no ambiguity or all airy fairy like some readers that leave you guessing what they are actually saying. And the how to you judge a reader is by the truth of what they say and I certainly have seen the results!!! Certainly, won’t be going anywhere else. I highly recommend Sulabh, he is an outstanding palm reader, the best I have been to.

  • I am in the USA and had a very complex business issue which was impacting me financially and causing enormous stress. A friend recommended to have a reading with Sulabh. I had an open mind but thought I may get a bit of insight which may help but didn’t expect too much but I was completely desperate as I was feeling really overwhelmed. To my great surprise Sulabh provided in-depth insight to the situation and how it will play out, on what dates and things to be aware of. It was like he had a movie of my life in the future it was incredible especially the detail of the whole business deal that he knew in fine detail. I was stunned. I followed the guidance and everything worked out just as said. Now before any business dealing I arrange to have a reading with Sulabh which gives me great confidence and peace of mind. Thank you Sulabh you have amazing skill and talent.

  • I had this very question about someone I really liked but was unsure if they had the same feelings and as we all know no one likes to be rejected, embarrassed and heartbroken, which is what I feared. I was recommended by a relative to have a reading with Sulabh. The reading very helpful, it gave me a good understanding of the person I was interested in, their feelings, the current situation, and the likely possibilities. This allowed me to move forward in this relationship with less anxiety and trepidation and go with the flow. Things went just as Sulabh said! If you have matters of the heart that you would like answers to and want the truth, I recommend a reading with Sulabh as he will tell you like it is.